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Company Profile

Datastream Business Solutions, Inc. provides computer software and services to businesses, local government, and special districts. Our services and solutions include custom applications, computer programming, web site development and hosting, and support services for computers and networks. Our employees have over 15 years experience in their respective fields and continue their education and training in the latest technologies.

Datastream was established in 1977 as a software house specializing in accounting systems for local government agencies and water utilities. From the beginning, emphasis was placed on product reliability, customization and continuing customer support.

Today our client base includes special districts, cities, utility companies and others utilizing governmental accounting, enterprise accounting, utility billing, and parcel assessment processing. Many clients have been with Datastream for over 20 years. In addition to our application software, we provide services for consulting, system analysis, custom programming, user training, system integration and on-going system support.

In 2004, Datastream incorporated and became Datastream Business Solutions, Inc. The company is committed to continuing support of existing products and to the development of new products to keep pace with technology changes and client requirements.